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  1. Personal information submitted by visitors or customers to Maxell Frontier Co., Ltd. (“Maxell Frontier” hereinafter) in emails sent via the Maxell Frontier website will be handled in accordance with our personal information protection policy.
  2. Maxell Frontier strives to ensure that its acquisition, possession, usage, or publication of personal information concerning or belonging to visitors or customers will not result in financial losses to or otherwise harm visitors or customers.
  3. For the most part, visitors and customers may use the Maxell Frontier website without providing any personal information. Simply visiting the website does not result in the collection of personal information.
  4. Maxell Frontier has implemented safety measures for all personal information gathered from visitors and customers to prevent leaks or loss of personal information or unauthorized access to or modi fication of personal information.
  5. “Maxell Frontier uses personal information solely within the scope needed to achieve the objectives indicated below. "
    1. Tracing contracts signed between customers and Maxell Frontier
    2. Sending event information to customers
  6. Maxell Frontier does not provide personal information on visitors or customers to third parties, except where explicit consent has been granted beforehand. Personal information may, however, be provided to third parties without prior consent in the following cases:
    1. When required by law
    2. When required to protect human life, to prevent injury, or to protect assets under conditions in which obtaining consent from customers would be difficult
    3. When required to cooperate with the lawful activities of a national agency, local government organization, or individual or organization entrusted with such tasks under conditions in which obtaining consent from customers would likely interfere with such activities
  7. In cases where a differing private information protection policy is indicated concerning specific personal information or content linked to from this site, said private information protection policy shall prevail.
  8. Maxell Frontier complies with all laws and other regulations concerning the handling of personal information provided by its customers and strives to continually review and improve its personal information protection policy.

Inquiries About Personal Information Protection Policy

For any inquiries on "Privacy Policy", e-mail us

  • * Your personal information sent to this address will be deleted completely upon reply, and no longer be retained.