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1. Do you handle any kind of lens?

We handle all optical lenses both imaging and lighting lenses. We manufacture small-sized lenses for cell phones and automotive back monitors in Miyagi, and larger-sized lenses for liquid-crystal projectors and automotive headlights in Gifu.

2. Do you sell molds alone?

We sell by molds for those do not require high optical performance, such as automotive light guide and insert molding parts. Products with critical optical requirements like automotive headlight lenses are not the case as these require lens surface form correction process controlled together with molding. Please contact us for sales of various other general resin molds.

3. Do you take orders for delivery outside Japan?

Yes , we export our products on your demand from four locations. We have two domestic plants in Gifu and Miyagi and two global plants in China and in Malaysia. For molds, we manufacture in our domestic locations in principle however, it is possible to purchase directly outside Japan upon customer request.

4. Do you have molding capability of products other than lens or optical component?

Please contact us for any molding requests. In case for the product we do not handle, we can introduce a sufficient manufacturer with our worldwide network in the industry

5. Do you manufacture prototype lenses?

Yes, we do. Not only the molding with molds but also make prototype by direct machining from resin ingot.

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