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1. What is the maximum panel size you can repair?

We can repair LCD, PDP and OLED panels, from 5 inches up to 60 inches.

2. Do you repair only LCD panels?

No. We can repair other visual information devices such as TVs and cameras. Please feel free to contact us for our repair details and process.

3. Do you supply repair parts and keep spare parts in your inventory?

Yes. We keep and control spare parts in our inventory for your convenience, as well as the finished products.

4. Can we request only the device inspection and performance confirmation (without repair order) ?

Yes. We provide incoming inspection, dynamic operating inspection and visual test.

5. Do you prototype a panel? What is the minimum order quantity?

Yes. We accept orders from a few prototypes. Please consult us for details.

6. What kind of work are you actually capable of for panel prototyping and repairs?

We can provide COF, COG, thermal compression of flexible circuit board, replacement of polarizer, fluorescent tubes for backlight, LED circuit board and optical sheets.

7. Can you reproduce out of some defective products?

Yes. We can remove usable parts out of defective products and use them to repair a product.
Please contact us for repair details and warranty on reproduction.

8. Do you repair a printed circuit board?

Yes. We repair circuit boards and locate malfunction.

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Contact us

Go to contact form for inquiries

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