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LCD Panel repair and assembly businesslWe specialize in prototyping, repair, and consignment Manufacturing

We repair imaging devices such as TV, LCD projector and PC, and assemble and repair LCD panels and plasma panels with our special techniques accumulated in our long years of experience in TV production. We also provide prototypes of various panels and accept consignment manufacturing from a small lot.

LCD Panel Repair / prototyping, small lot production

We assemble and repair LCD products of both domestic and international manufacturers with our advanced technology and high quality acquired in our long years of experience in TV production. Our high-end facilities supporting various products and dynamic management with IT system allow us to deliver customer satisfaction in short lead time.
Please contact us for prototype production for various panels.


Our Typical LCD Panel Repair Process


Repair analysis process

We locate a malfunction in each component, seek the cause of the malfunction, analyze the cause and repair the component within a short period of time.


Film attachment process

Stress applied on delicate polarizer and films in film application may cause a significant damage in film optical characteristics. To avoid such damage, we employ different techniques and experiences to maximize the performance of sophisticated and consistent film attachment without air bubbles.


Pressure bonding process

We are equipped with constant-heat unit and pulse-heat unit for pressure bonding.

  • Constant-heat unit: Heat generated in the attached heater will be supplied to the connection part.
  • Pulse-heat unit: Instantaneous heating, with heat generating only upon compression, will prevent temperature decrease by heat release.

Both units are suited to high-precision ultra-small pitch application and capable of COF, COG, TAB and other bonding methods.

LCD module prototyping, small lot production and special purpose panel manufacturing

We provide prototyping and small-lot production for LCD panel modules.
With our extensive technology in LCD panel repair, we meet various needs and requirements of our customers.

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