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1. What is the minimum and maximum board size?

We can manufacture a board of minimum size L80mm x W110mm up to L430mm x W352mm.

2. What is the maximum board thickness?

We can manufacture a board up to 2.5 mm in thickness.

3. What is the minimum order quantity?

There is no minimum order quantity; We accept orders from one unit such as prototype.

4. Tell me about parts procurement.

We will procure parts however, we accept consigned parts as well.

5. Can we just purchase parts and/or materials?

Yes. We also operate custody of inventory and deliver parts on your request.

6. Can you repair?

Yes, we can provide repair support services.

7. Can we ask warehousing of ordered products as we have limited space for storage?

Yes. We can store in our warehouse. We can also manage inventory and delivery control on your behalf. Please consult us for more details.

8. Can you apply damp-proof coating on components and/circuit boards?

Yes. We apply HumiSeal® and TUFFY(conformal coating material for FPD by HITACHI Chemical), using spray or (hand or robot) brush.

9. Can you perform reliability test on the finial products?

Yes. We can perform reliability test to the extent capable with our equipment.

10. Can you perform contained material inspection?

Yes, our procurement components through the authorized channel can apply for JAMP-AIS research.

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